Optimizing images for web pages

Summary: To make the page does not have excessive weight and load quickly, it is necessary to reduce the weight of the images, ie, optimize them for use on the web.

Despite improvements in bandwidth and improvements in processors, it is still recommended that websites have a reduced weight to avoid having problems or delay in loading.

Undoubtedly, one of the major difficulties facing the facing web designers is the use of images. The use of images, both for the decoration of the page to be part of the content, is indispensable.

Given this, the only option to have web designers is the optimization of images for use in your pages. For design to have the view that its creator has planned, it is necessary that the length and width of the images is not modified, so the only option that we have is with reduced quality.

Reducing the image quality does not necessarily affect your view on the website. This is because the images obtained from a camera, scanner, or other means, generally have an optimal resolution for printing or revealed, that is well above the minimum necessary to look good on the computer monitor.

What is modified on an image for optimization?

The images to be used in the design of a website can be modified in various parameters for the purpose of reducing their weight.

The parameter used to modify the weight of an image is the resolution , which is measured in dpi (pixels per square inch). A digital camera obtains resolutions of 300 dpi, and print quality (although they can be obtained higher quality prints) is 200 dpi.

These resolutions are not necessary in an image to be displayed on a web page, since a resolution of 72 dpi is recommended for use in this environment, because the vast majority of monitors have higher resolutions .

Other modifiable parameter is the Colour. A high quality image (called true color as it is about the ability of the human eye in detecting colors) has a color depth of 32 bits per pixel, of which 24 bits are for color (almost 17,000. 000 colors), and 8 bits are allocated to the transparencies.

By reducing the depth range of 16-bit color (High Color), a weight reduction of the image is obtained. For images that use few colors, minor scales can be used, such as 256 colors or less.

The GIF format goes further, since each image keeps its own color scale, which greatly reduces the amount of information (and therefore weight) containing an image file.

The image files may contain additional data (metadata), which also influence the weight thereof, so often, the image optimization programs remove them as a method of reducing the amount of information contained in the file.

How to optimize an image?

There are several ways to optimize an image for use in web pages.

Some editing programs have plug-ins for optimization and others have incorporated these features. Adobe Photoshop has tools to define some parameters to optimize image quality, thus reducing its quality for use on the web, as to enlarge for use in printing. GIMP does not have functions for defining the quality of the processed images, but the saved allows the modification of some of them (depending on the format) to reduce its size.

Another option is the use of specific tools, both programs and online tools, some of which are described below. You can also use some tricks to good effect.

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RIOT: Free software to optimize images

RIOT is a software image optimization free of very low weight and portable (can run from a USB memory device), which has two windows in which the original image and the result is displayed after adjustments to be made.

In testing with this program, the results are very good. In a high-quality JPG format, weight reduction of the images was achieved up to 6: 1, which means that an image of 600kB to 100kB would be about a reduction in quality that is not visible using default parameters.

In PGN images with transparencies , reduction is lower, although the numbers remain equally good as weight reduction of the image is achieved to something less than 3: 1.

Another feature of the program is that it only works with formats JPG, PGN and GIF, allowing the format change, which means that if we are optimizing one JPG picture, we can save it as a GIF or PNG. The program also has the option to set the weight you want the image to have, reducing the quality to the desired weight.

You can increase the rate of decrease of the weight of the image and change settings. The interface is extremely simple, although it is in English version.

Online Services

There are several sites that perform image enhancement . One is SiteReportCard , a page and other services and tools for web designers, offers online image optimization. This optimization is performed by lowering the quality of the colors and image sharpness. The page displays the option to optimize an image found in a website, for which the user entered in a field the URL of the image (for example, http://www.abc.com/images/image_1.gif ) or upload an image from the user’s computer. In either case, the page returns five copies of the initial image in different sizes (and logically different qualities), which can be downloaded to the user computer.

Save web images to Photoshop

One of the great wonders that have Photoshop is the tool to save optimized images for web (File> Save for Web).

This tool is essential once you know. You can reduce the weight of the images dramatically maintaining its quality.

12 good marketing tips for small businesses

Now more than ever is the time for small businesses, that, if we take advantage.

Until recently it was unthinkable for a small business afford the “luxury” to invest in a marketing campaign. At this time, thanks to the Internet, this is already possible at an affordable price.

We propose some formulas of marketing so you know where to start. In some cases, if you do your will, and in others, the costs are bearable.

Let’s go there:

1. Hire a web site. Whatever your business activity, will help secure even if your company is at the local level. Think about how people are buying. More and although they end up buying at the corner store, we seek information online, why not have a platform to offer your customers that information ?. The windows are not only in traditional stores, are now virtual, are the webs. Can you do without this showcase for your company even locally?

2. Create your own brand. You need to differentiate yourself from others. You need a logo that represents your values ​​and business philosophy.

3. Become a small company presentation. You do not need expensive and complicated, you just need something clear, simple and direct. You upload it to YouTube, you’ll be amazed the number of visits you can get.

4. Open a blog on your own website. We allow timely report on all topics that are related to your business and which may be of interest to your potential customers. Do you have a fashion store? Talks about trends, fashion shows, gives advice on different looks!

5. Join social networks. Study them well, think about which one can encompass a larger volume of your target audience. As you most likely be materially impossible in all, choose one. It is better to have a single, all well attended, abandoned.

6. Directories sign-up to local, regional and / or national, depending on the activity of your company.

7. Sign up in the yellow pages. It is one of the most complete directory.

8. Send press releases to specialized media in your industry emphasizing some kind of service or product that you offer and differentiates you from others.

9. Create a database of your customers. You will be able to send email campaigns regularly with news, offers, etc.

10. Do not forget to sign up on Google Map and Google Paces.

11. Offer your products on sites: Lets Bonus, through them arrive to thousands of customers.

12. Interact with companies of the same industry. Engaged in the same as you, does not necessarily mean they are your competition, such relationships often result in good collaborations.

Platinum Web Media, digital marketing agency in Adelaide, Australia.

What you are told there is nothing free but some of these proposals if they are, when do you start ?. Remember that at this time, a small business can compete with a much stronger, almost, almost equal.

WordPress or Blogger What is the best option?

When someone sets out to write a blog, and especially if it is the first time you do it, it makes sense to opt for a free system log. The most common are two: Blogger and WordPress and although they may look very similar, there are small details that can make decliner by one or the other. I’ll tell you what are the advantages that I find to WordPresss against Blogger, and backwards!

Advantages of wordpress:

WordPress itself is a CMS (content management system) free, that we can install in our private hosting and use it freely. Besides this, wordpress.com provides free subdomains, which are what we use to create free blogs.

These blogs will address: mipagina.wordpress.com and admin panel will be very similar to the full version of CMS wordpress, org (the “professional” version of WordPress ” ), but not with all the options. That said I leave my list of advantages:


While it is true that blogger can make very professional designs, themes you can incorporate into your WordPress blogs are very attractive and versatile. It has a good gallery of themes, and although they are not very customizable, appearance is excellent. If you choose an installation of WordPress on your own domain, I recommend you go taking a look at the different templates that exist for WordPress, with good designs in this list or also here, visit here: https://platinumwebmedia.com.au/wordpress/

Learning Curve

If you are thinking about having a more or less serious blog, it is logical that in a few months we step to hire our own private domain and hosting. There is no doubt; WordPress is the king against blogger. So if you have that in mind why not starts posting content and familiar with WordPress?


Although it has in recent years fallen somewhat into disuse, Gravatar is a tool that shows your avatar in the comments that you make in both WordPress and other platforms (like drupal)

Uploading pdf files

One of the biggest drawbacks that I find blogger is not able to upload files pdfs, and prepare them for download. Now you can carry through Google docs, but it’s not the same. At this point, if you are considering working with pdfs, your best choice is WordPress.

SEO: (or search engine optimization)

Without getting into a mess, it would give too much talk about SEO in WordPress and blogger, just say the ease of optimizing images with WordPress , using the alt and title tags, opposite blogger that to make the same choice, you need to edit html. Also important is the proper management of tags and categories that allows us. In this article I’ll tell you how to optimize the positioning of these categories.

Advantages blogger:

Blogger is a blog platform owned by Google. Like any other Google service, it is necessary to have an email address associated with Gmail.

I used blogspot or blogger for some specific project. Sounds like a great tool to get started as a blogger, and even some blogs have come to be known blogger. These are the advantages:


It is true that if you want to go deeper, you have to do base on inserting html tags and codes. But if you do not care, you can get along fine. How to post articles and upload photos to blogger is quite simple.


Belonging to Google, which has full integration with other services such as Google Docs, Google Plus, it is clear Google analytics or Picasa. If you are already using these services, familiarize yourself with the environment blogger is easy.


Although WordPress also has a large community of equal, if it is true that the community is more active blogger. The visibility of the widget to your blogger fans can not miss if you opt for blogsopt domain.


it is true that, although it is complex, it is necessary to know some html, blogger can be achieved with full customization. Moreover, the default themes are somewhat limited, but they nonetheless provide sound, professional look.

My advice to decide body WordPress or Blogger

As you saw, both tools are equally powerful, and will undoubtedly depend on how and who will use them.

If you’re going to create a blog with a professional purpose, or with the future idea one step further and have your own website, decline me no doubt by WordPress, because once you decide to purchase your own domain, will be WordPress platform more I agree, and at least the environment plugins, how to create menus and tool and you will be familiar!

Link Building Networking Blog

“Requires mount a network, generate content and links will not be of the highest quality.”

Way to get links: to be “someone” a celebrity. If you’re nobody, you have to do link building; you can do very well appear -link baiting- or buy links, exchange links or create websites which contain links.

Create Websites which include links. Linked to exchanges with others, to have websites where you put links to move your press releases, to give strength to those obtained for natural links and sell links Trick: One of the best things I He has worked is when I do an article linking to my blog, I inject links to promote the strength of that page that I blog.

Network Structure Of Links

It is wrong by definition talking about talking about network structure links: must be a “natural network” so that is not a pattern, it looks natural. There are tools to create content and -spinning- ability to automate sending content to the Web.

“The objective is to generate link building more sites or links to quality at the lowest cost.”

Try to make links without leaving traces to avoid longer seems natural. Advised create as many quality sites where leave links. Penguin has changed this: a good link that gives more weight 10,000 bad.

One of the errors in the structure of the network is to be linked with each other regardless of the subject matter of each, using the same Analytics code that have the same owner in WHOIS domain, using the same codes affiliate Link wheels… All this becomes very obvious to detect that all belong to the same owner. I cannot say that Google is taking advantage of this information but it is clear that you are doing for Google easy to detect and to facilitate a competitor to get a spam report.

We must avoid patterns –foot prints- that the robot can detect. You have to isolate thematic networks and create them and keep them isolated with others of different themes. The nature of the structure must be chaotic and eye with wheels links. You have to periodically change the rules to avoid acting consistently.

Although the Internet may seem chaotic, there is actually a structure behind Google and defends. Statistically computed to have thousands of links from bad websites or the reverse, the mix should be natural, links and other same class C, various PR, different types of domains and servers, and various AS C different classes, do not use the same template for all diversified ways to get links, etc. Linking domains use different DNS servers.

If all IPs belong to the same AS, it is easy to detect that all links are controlled by the same network.

“Also, do not use your network to promote yourself without links to you only outward toward others websites.”

Website designing services in Adelaide, Australia: https://platinumwebmedia.com.au/

It is not natural:

  • Only links from blogrolls or footers
    That has since delilcious only and not from Yahoo! Bookmarks
    An uneven pace in acquiring new links
    That all links to a web having the same anchor text
    We link with anchor text wrong
    Only hosted Web link us in blogger


All this sings a lot and makes it very clear that the links are not natural .

Tools To Create Our Network

To create top-level Web: self-control, relevant theme, unique content, own IP (multi-IP hosting). These are the websites where we take special care and monetize. The creation of content should be manual (if under 50) or automatically with tools. It gives users and bloggers that the key to fill. You must generate valuable content and use them to exchange links. Use a tool that centralizes content generation, I pass Copyscape through the API of this tool to detect duplicate content.

Free second level Webs: rank builder, link farm evolution, content etc. beware abuse these links by Penguin. These tools allow you to create blogs on Blogger, Tumblr, etc. and by spinning you rearrange the content and posts on various sites. Need proxies to create blogs from different IPs. You have to pay to break captchas in bulk and make GMail accounts lack of Google.

More tools: SEnuke, Bookmarking Daemon to automate the maintenance and content injection.


“The spinning can recombine phrases, sentences, paragraphs to regenerate the content and to use it to publish without being detected as duplicate content.”

These tools do not work very well in Castilian so humans can be used to manually spinning content using synonyms, reformulations, etc.

Caution: Panda does detect translations from English into Castilian, if what we do is to use English content to generate content in Castilian. It is much easier to detect duplicate content Panda if translations are made with an automatic translator says Carlos Redondo. SENuke and LinkfarmSEO does all this.

Google Penguin

What can we do? First, experiment and see what sites have been affected. Before Penguin, massive buying links worked. We knew it would end, but if it worked. Google already had the tools to detect but was not punished enables detection Penguin garbage links and revolutionizes the SERPs.

What can we do with this information? Can we do something to sink our competition? We ran tests against a URL thrusting butt garbage links but still top5, so does not seem to have been affected.

Another experiment post-penguin: Amount five new domains with random names .com seven letters. Positions in different class C with original content of 2,000 words with a series of primary and related keywords repeated based on a certain pattern. The five websites then they should be positioned well. First place: control, high in GWT. Second place: white hat linked from four unique and quality articles talking about a certain topic (keyword). Site 3 articles in spin webs in English and social + wiki these items with anchor text by brand. Site 4: anchor by make, 200 a day, etc. Site 5: spam directly.

They have been doing the tracking to compare between them. The best results so far have been for site 2 with white SEO (linked from original articles with the link). Interestingly, the 1, 3 and 5 have finished in the same position. Hypothesis: for Google, any links, spam links, etc. are the same.

Ready For The Future

Venture will be the algorithm “Zebra” and it is difficult to know where the attack will come. Final note: some company that is well positioned to certain search positions through poor quality links … The links are still worth. You just have to know what and where to post them.

If you’ve read this far…. Do you realize what you’ve missed by not coming to SEO Professional?

5 Signs You Need Change your WordPress Design

The web design blog or Web page is one of the main factors to consider when using WordPress and spice up any project on the Web.

As you already know, WordPress is based on templates or themes, which can be modified and offer different options to customize them according to what we like and what we need.

Each theme is different and the features that depend developer. There are some who have a lot of options to modify all sorts of things and more limited.

If you already take time with your site in WordPress, you may have considered changing the design or theme. Internet everything changes very fast. What trend was a few months ago may no longer use today anywhere.

That’s why it’s always good to be updated and abreast of the latest in Web design.

5 Signs that you need to change WordPress Template

How do you know if it’s time for a change?

Check out these five signs that will help you get an answer. If you meet at least one of them, takes action and starts searching for a new template!)

1. Too much time with the same
If you take several months or even years with the same theme of WordPress, why not give it a new look?

A new theme can give a whole new interaction, structure and design to your WordPress site, which will have much more success if it offers a great first impression to visitors.

Remember we have a few seconds to gain the attention of anyone entering our blog or page. If you have a great design, there are many more possibilities to earn their trust and become customers or subscribers.

Different theme also pleases and is well received by visitors to your blog or Web site on a regular basis, and potentially subscribers.

It’s like remodeling your house or apartment. It’s always a positive change.

2. fashioned Appearance
I’m surprised as there are many websites and blogs that look like they were created in 1999 when the Internet was just beginning to globalize and be accessible to all.

Strange and colors and fonts Comic Sans too large, disproportionate texts and many other aspects that give a poor appearance consequently poor results;

It’s like going to an important meeting or job interview dressed in inappropriate clothing. It is obvious that the first impression you have other people or person to play against what you want to achieve.

Check your template and compare with the other designs in your niche or industry. If you feel that a change is needed, do not hesitate to do it!

I leave links to sites on WordPress favorite subjects:

  • StudioPress
  • Woothemes

Check them and choose the one you like and suits you need.

Platinum Web Media: WordPress Website designer and developer in Australia.

3. The template is not adapted to different device
Today not only Web traffic comes from desktops or laptops. Over the months and years, mobile devices have become more popular and used to navigate websites.

Depending on the niche and industry in which you are, I am sure that a significant percentage of all your views come from mobile devices such as smart phones (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) or tablets as iPad.

All Webmaster must be prepared so that users can have the best experience on any device, either a 27-inch iMac or a mobile phone.

Today many of the issues that we find premium WordPress are ready for all kinds of resolutions and devices. Make sure yours also meets these requirements.

How do I know?

Visit your blog or page on your phone or iPad. You can also simulate it in Chrome with the developer tools.

4. Structure and Navigation confused and without order
There is nothing more frustrating than getting to a Web page and see a mess without order and with a confused structure.

The goal of any page or blog is not to offer the most beautiful to leave with their mouths open to all design. This course helps, but the priority is always to provide simple navigation, content accessible and effective communication of what you want to tell your audience.

Always look for a WordPress theme that offers a simple, understandable and at the same time design meets great looks.

You do not need to put too many banners, pictures or text in the sidebars. Only the essentials.

5. Improve safety, speed and load performance
The template used in WordPress not only affects the appearance of the site or blog, also has an important impact on safety, loading speed and overall performance of each page.

Before investing in a premium theme, check reviews of other users about the performance they have achieved. By this I mean issues such as the time it takes to load each page, how well the sidebars with widgets work, any kind of error that is present and something very important: security.

If you use a theme based on a framework like Genesis of StudioPress, the performance of your site will be even better :)

WordPress can be protected very well with plugins like iThemes Security, but if you use an issue of poor quality, badly written or malicious code, it will be difficult not to have safety problems sooner or later.

To check that your item is quality and not have some kind of vulnerability, install the plugin Theme Authenticity Checker, which detects any fault with the template you’re using.

We also recommend using Google Webmaster Tools, a set of free tools that Google offers to monitor the performance of your site in all aspects, including security and malware detection.

The best designs are templates and WordPress

Thanks to its versatility and high standards, WordPress offers the possibility of using templates of the highest quality and adapted to the latest web standards (HTML5, CSS3, responsive, etc.)

Are you ready to take this big leap in quality?

A new design equals new life to your WordPress blog or page.

10 Questions before Hiring a Webmaster

Make sure the person you choose to design and manage your Web site has knowledge and skills.

In small businesses, the webmaster usually does everything related to the website, from designing the site to optimize (SEO techniques) and keep it. So what you need it is to hire a person who, in addition to being versatile, is reliable enough to have the keys to your site, that is, the digital showcase your brand.

Platinum Web Media, digital marketing agency in Australia.

But how do you find someone to do well all these tasks? We tell you what the 10 essential questions you should make sure candidates for hiring the indicated:

1. Where I can find current examples of your work?

Experienced candidates should be more than willing to share links of your current job, which demonstrate its capabilities. It is very important that you analyze in detail these examples because it will give you a general idea of their style and ability as a programmer. This can (and should) be a first step before discussing technical skills including HTML 5, Java Script and administration of databases.

2. Can you give me a list of past and current clients?

Reliable candidates should give you this list without hesitation. When you have it, you tell them directly to people who have worked with him or her. This step is essential in the recruitment process because it lets you know how reliable and the results it has delivered.

Most programmers work of freelancers, so we also need to ask whether or not delivered and pending projects on time.

3. What is your favorite website and why?
The answer to this question can reveal a lot about the sense of branding, design, navigability and user experience webmaster.

4. What publishing technologies, design and content will use to build and maintain my site?
The webmaster should be able to describe the widest possible set of design tools, management and publication give their pros and cons, and to explain what suggests according to your needs and budget. If you do not know much about technology you probably do not understand all the technologies proposed, but at least the candidate should be able to introduce options.

5. How will optimize my site for search engines?
Ask the candidates know how much of the tools and techniques of SEO (optimization for search engines). Ask them to explain what strategies and methods they would use to enhance your Web positioning. It is also important to know how to use Google Analytics to perfection to monitor your site traffic statistics and user behavior, as this will give you greater chance of success with your SEO campaigns.

6. What kind of tools can integrate my site?
A static website will not get good results. Consumers expect to find in a place tools such as videos, banners and social media updates. Make sure the candidate has the skills and resources to give it to you.

Ask if you can easily add a contact card, a flash animation or updates on Facebook and Twitter; if so, what would be the time needed to add any tool?

7. What is your strategy to address security issues or other?
It is essential to know how to answer your webmaster if your site goes down or is hacked, and how fast they respond to these situations. Investigates how often support the information of your website, and how they protect against phishing, data theft or running virus. Questions to do relate to security: If your Web site requires users to register, how will verify and protect the information; webmaster if you create a shopping cart, how you can protect your customers from identity theft and card information?

8. How much do you know about issues related to trademark registration?
It is essential that the webmaster is versed and updated on issues related to the registration of trademarks. Usually, it will be responsible for registering the text, images and other elements of your site. Ask them where to get the pictures and graphs used in your site, this will avoid legal hassles. For example, will you use creative commons free images or pictures of inventories paid?

9. Who will own the place?
You might think that your site belongs to you automatically if you pay someone to get it designed. However, the designer often independent and not an employee of the company, so you should make sure you sign a contract or agreement which specified that you own all design and content.

10. What are your rates and payment terms?
It is crucial to establish from the outset what the rates will be to design, publish and maintain your website. Also ask how you prefer to be paid, whether hourly, monthly or project. If the webmaster will design a new site, ask what the costs will be hosting and domain. Another question related to payments: Are there extra charges for work after hours, on weekends or holidays.

Business Promotion on Facebook

The most common problem small businesses face is financial crisis. In such a case expensive means of media for advertising cannot be even thought of. Everybody knows that advertising on Internet is very expensive and certainly small and medium enterprises are not the ones who can afford such advertising. For them social networking websites can be a lot of help. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. have a large number of users, therefore that they can be considered as perfect platforms for social advertising.

Facebook is the busiest social networking website with more than 700 million users all around the world. With such a large number of users, from every corner of the world, Facebook is like an open market where you can sell your products to those who value them and provide information to those who are interested in them. People who are totally uninterested and unaware of your product can also get to know about it.Users have to click the ‘Like’ button or link to connect to your business fan-page.

Advertising is easy on Facebook. It is cheaper than other online advertising mediums; fully customizable and flexible. You can opt for paid advertising or you can create a free fanpage for the public. Fanpages work similarly like user profiles; you have to give in the details of your business, its photos, and links to your company website pages.You can add photos of your products, company, events, etc. for the people to view and links to your website page can be added too. You can post the latest updates related to your products on the fanpage. This way your fans and followers might to get to know the current activities of your business.

Business Promotion on Facebook visit here: https://platinumwebmedia.com.au/

Paid advertising is also good, costs less and can be customized according to the requirements of the public the advertising campaign is targeted to. You can adjust your campaign according to the demographics of the targeted market by selecting their age groups, location, likes and interests, etc. This advertising will reach directly to such people in their profiles. You can also adjust the budget and the duration for which your advertisement shall show up.

Easy and simple, Facebook advertising is the best if you cannot spend too much on advertising.Just login with your email id and password and you will find the advertising area on the right hand side of your profile page. There will also be a link named ‘Create an Ad’, click on that link and you will find the advertisement creation wizard. Customize your advertisement according to the demographics of the targeted market and other options. If you do not find the ‘Create an Ad’ link, you can select the ‘Advertising’ link at the bottom of the Facebook page.

Make your advertisement interesting so that it catches attention and impresses your public, otherwise the paid advertising might also become a waste of money in financially critical conditions. Correct advertising strategies and pre-planning might get you a good name in the public whether your use the free fanpage or the paid advertising option.

OpenDNS Vs. Google DNS – A Domain Name System helps computers translate domain names into IP addresses and these domain names are unique IP address, which gives your website a location on the Internet.

Adding Key Phrases to the Content

This is where the hard work begins, we find that the web site has inadequate or weak material, or otherwise is set either the material to be semantically to the online search engine, which is, I summarize for online search engine effortlessly analyzed.

If the material was weak, it is important to boost the proportion of content to encourage both visitors and also search engines that are experts in the fine art that shown on our website. Likewise enhance graphics and media with the right to accessible techniques.

Content framework

Where can include keywords? It is very important the title tag be as descriptive of just what the page is, it includes your finest search phrases (normally less than 12 words in total).

Listings that consist of the very best search terms in the title and description Meta tags have a much better rank in the online search engine as well as higher click-through price (typically more than increase the website traffic) than those that do not.

We review the content to include these key words, expressions especially two 3 words without shedding the message. For the effect of these words is a lot more effective shot to not repeat throughout the whole file, i.e., if those over statements we have actually talked about, we got to throw the message, then the target will be covered.

You additionally have to connect the web pages themselves. Need the ideal keyword for the material of the landing web page in the support content of the article web page. This is a have to – need content web links within paragraphs whenever possible, specifically when the pages are related. If the problems are not related, after that use image links to ensure that search engines cannot perceive the message as well as confused.

Once we have actually chosen the best key phrases, add the keywords of the chain of title, description Meta, your Meta Keyword phrases chain, ALT connects his situation to the (characteristic of graphic tag) imaging, header tags body (such as the top of the H1 tag page) and specifically embedding them in their content showed. Attempt to utilize as several search phrases as feasible in an organic way and grammatically appropriate in their first sentences, as this sets the motif for the web page as well as adds to the style of the site.

When we have our complete material, submit to the evaluation of our tools likewise rationally from the continuous guidance of our specialists, to modify the product to have it tuned before uploading.

Visit here for professional SEO services in Australia: https://platinumwebmedia.com.au/seo/

After magazine, we performed a monitoring of the efficiency of search phrases featuring the content, include statistics of browse through rises, brand-new versus frequent, and so on, then rely on review the loophole from point 1 as well as re-run the whole placing statement.

Domain Name For Your Business

Whenever you want to start your own business online, you need to create a good website. You can obviously hire a website design company but what about the domain name. A domain name is the name of the website, the address or the URL that a user types in to go to your website. Understanding the significance and the potential of a good domain name is very important.The domain name market is big with lots of companies selling dotcoms for your business. Whenever looking to buy a domain name, you should be very clear with what you want.Let us find out what makes a domain name good.

The most important thing to remember while choosing a domain name is to keep it short. A short domain name means a 7-10 characters name. An average domain name size is 11 characters long whereas longer names have up to 20 characters in it. Short names are easily remembered and typed than the longer ones. And you surely want to provide your online visitors with ease of access.Longer names are often misspelled and are confusing.

The domain name you select for your business should be able to describe your business. If people get to know about your business through your domain, it would the best thing they can have. For you it will help in getting higher search engine rankings.

Always have the correct spelling for your domain name. Do not use tricky ones to add style to your business.For example, if your company’s name is Three Monkeys, please don’t use 3monkeys.com to make it short rather use threemonkeys.com Just Focus on Dot Com Manager that is much related to your company.

When you set out to buy a domain name, you’ll find that your selected name has already been taken or there are lots of others similar to it. It is advisable to have some more domain names as options in case you do not get the most preferred one. If dot coms are not available, try looking for dot nets and dot orgs.Keeping extra choices is always good in case of domain names.

Top level domain (TLD) names are the most wanted extensions. The three TLDs are .com, .net and .org. The .com (Commercial) domain is for commercial websites, .net (Network) is used for technological websites whereas .org (Organisation) is used for non profiting organizations and NGOs. Other important domains are .info (Information), .biz (Business), .tv (Television), .edu (Education), etc. Country specific domain names, such as .co.in or .in are used to denote country specific businesses. .in and .co.in are country codes for India specific domains.

Whether using .com or a .net domain name, make sure that it relates to your business.Choosing good names shall help you in ranking high on the search engines. They add to the personality of your business making it much more reachable and easy to find.

Choosing My Domain

The choice of a good domain will help us a lot in achieving the goals of our Web project, so we take our time in deciding which domain will be the winner.

The selection of domains is work begins by generating a list of candidate domains taking into account the following assumptions:

Key issues for the selection of candidates domains

Our expertise, our brand

The first option should be the store brand. A domain must represent the company and therefore should easily be associated with it.

A domain must be easy to remember

For our domain is easy to remember words we should avoid non-existent or too long.

A domain should be easy to communicate

A domain must have a unique pronunciation, for it will avoid using hyphens or numbers.

Trial by fire is to convey our domain to another person via a phone call, if your partner does not need any confirmation question to make sure you understand them correctly our domain, this indicates that the domain is easy to communicate

A domain must be easy to type

Our duty is to provide access to the user, the less I have to type before you access our website.

A domain is for life

Change the domain of a project is costly and can affect search engine rankings if not done properly.

Use keywords Search

Use the words they use to meet our customers can benefit in search engine rankings, but we should not be obsessed, or put aside our corporate identity.

After this analysis, we have developed a list of candidate domains, at this time we check if the domain is available victor.

Tools for choosing a good domain


The Whois tool allows you to analyze a domain, checking their availability and should be registered, that person belongs (there is a payment option in the registry, which hides these data; today its use is not widespread).


If the chosen domain is available, we only have one step before making the registry: check your history.

The domain is currently located is available does not mean that it has never been used; you may long ago have been part of a Web project. If the project at the time penalized by Google for being SPAM or issuer for hosting adult material, it is possible that the penalty is in force, being a drag on its online store.

To perform this check, the tool provides Internet Archive Wayback Machine with screenshots from the previous project if any.

Recruitment Domain

The Whois tool notifies us that your domain is available and has a pernicious history, now is the time to register. We should not leave it for another time. More than one has thought that going to register the domain the next day, check in disbelief that someone else has registered a few hours before.

To register domains have many companies that offer this service:



In this market you will find a wide variation on the price, we will select one that projected us more confidence at a reasonable price.

At the time of registration, we pay special attention to the following issues:

Register the domain ourselves

We must prevent third parties. There are known cases of companies registered in the name of the domains themselves of their clients.

Register the domain for how minimum 4 years

Google will reward you with better position to understand that this is a long-term project.

Set an alarm to the expiration date

If you do not renew the domain on time we could lose it forever.

Auxiliary domains Record

Additionally, we can record auxiliary domains based on the typographical errors that may make our potential customers, for example, if your domain is www.haagen-dazs.com, it is likely that a significant percentage of customers write: www.haagendazs.com, www.hagendazs.com, www.haagendasz.com, etc.

Another reason to register such domains is that if our volume of Web traffic is sweet, other companies can register to capture these visitors is called Typo domains and among the most famous are: www.facebok.com, www.twiter com, www.iphone.com.

Detected once this practice is a judge who must decide whether to give ownership of the domain to the original typo or company?

To facilitate the search for such domains there is a tool called Domain Name Typo Generator, which, after entering a domain, it returns the most common types.

To end our domain selection step, if you have registered several domains, we must choose which of them the primary domain is. And then set 301 redirects from the main secondary domains to avoid losing visitors.